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  ECMS is a Verified Independent Service Provider (ISP) and looks forward to working with you to meet your NFPA 1851 goals!

In 2002, ECMS, Inc. began operations in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in the inspection, cleaning, and repair of personal protective ensembles and ensemble elements used for structural, wildland, industrial, and aviation fire fighting applications. ECMS also provides end users, distributors and manufacturers a highly skilled resource for aftermarket alterations, modifications and accessories for elements that are in service. Manufacturers and end users compliment our work as being equal or better than the original element.

Today ECMS has expanded with additional facilities now located in Oakland and Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona. To keep all four facilities operating with continuity, each facility is equipped with new state of the art technology and, follows an identical documented program governing every aspect of our operations. To validate that we do what we say and to maintain the highest degree of customer confidence, ECMS has developed and incorporated a Quality Management System. At this time, ECMS is proud to announce that it has engaged in ISO 9001:2000 certification for all four facilities.

ECMS is recognized by major manufacturers such as Morning Pride Manufacturing, Globe Firefighter Suits, Sperian Protection, Fire Dex, Quest, E.D. Bullard, MSA Cairns, and Pro Warrington. ECMS is honored to have been selected and recognized as a warranty center for Morning Pride Manufacturing, Globe Manufacturing, Sperian Protection, and Pro Warrington.

ECMS facilities have completed third party testing as required by W.L. Gore to perform repairs to the Crosstech moisture barrier.

At ECMS we use professional software to track and record the inspection, cleaning, and repair cycle. Let us document for you the Who, What, Where, When and Whys, as required by NFPA 1851. ECMS is a principal member of NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1851 technical committees and actively participates in the NFPA standards making process.

Providing support services for emergency services personal protective ensembles and ensemble elements is our only business, and we take great pride in doing it well.

Some Of Our Customers

City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Clark County Fire Department

County of Kern Fire Department

County of Los Angeles Fire Dept.

County of Riverside Fire Dept.

Hemet Fire Department

Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Dept.

Los Alamos Fire Department
New Mexico

North Las Vegas Fire Dept.

Ontario Fire Department

Richmond Fire Department

University of Nevada Reno Fire Science Academy, Nevada

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